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Bourque, actually. It’s kind of funny, I’m pretty close with and his family. Last Book Read: It’s called – kinda geeky -. There’s supposed to be nine books the series, each over 1 pages. I just finished up number six and waiting on number seven. Nickname: Kreid. That’s about it. Favorite Cheap To Jerseys Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate. First Famous Hockey Player You Met Or Encountered: Zamuner.

And I told him how much that meant to me when I was such a little kid. Kinda cool, little story I guess. Current Car: I’m between cars right now. Greatest Sports Moment: Between winning the World Junior Championship and winning National Championship. Most Painful Moment: Losing the playoffs last year Game 6. Funniest Player Encountered:. Probably Yogan. Almeida, who’s with Hershey.

Sproles 19 Embiid appears to maybe have a this year. much for needing to make the All-Star team in order to date his crush. We suspected that was JoJo playing the media for a while. The message along with the photo reads: However, shortly thereafter, Embiid crushed this bit of ‘s day gossip, noting that it’s not only fake news but also old news. Anyway, who is this who shared a photo of herself with a Cheap San Francisco Giants Jerseys shirtless ? Her name is Pierson and she has appeared on E!’s television series WAGS. She thinks Bo is the greatest athlete of all-time so we’re not sure she’s watched much of JoJo’s rookie.

Here she is teaching you how to pull off a nice top knot. Or something. The more you know. #RaiseTheCat is no longer an underground movement of the most loyal Sixers fans on Twitter. No, Raise the has gone mainstream. Not only have plenty of the Sixers players participated, but the voice of the team, Marc Zumoff, has exulted the phrase on TV following wins.

It’s been on the jumbotron at the Wells Fargo Center as well. Now it can be on your chest. The store shared the below T-shirt design with the official Sixers logo on it. – Store February 14 There has been unofficial #RaiseTheCat merch floating around the web as well. Those guys are apparently using the proceeds to help the kitties. We’re just happy Salt Bae has reached Sixers Twitter.