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As you can see, Alonso starts out on the line of scrimmage, threatening the A-gap with a rush. At the snap, he breaks away from what looks like the play-side to follow Thomas out of the backfield. He manages to sneak past two lead blockers on this screen play – the center and the right guard, and drags down the ball-carrier with ease.

The speed at which this play develops makes it all the more impressive. Had Alonso not read that from the start, it looks like Thomas would have had a full head of steam and about 600 pounds in front of him to clear a path.

Last week, in a losing effort against New Orleans, Alonso made a few subtle but excellent plays in run defense. Linebackers are taught to ‘fill’ certain gaps behind the line and generally speaking, those gaps can become very fluid and hard to identify as the play starts and 11 players on each side start moving around. Here, I believe that Alonso’s ‘fill’ is the gap in which the fullback is heading through with a full head of steam.

Kiko’s balanced and patient hesitation and subtle headfake to the left (along with #90 Alan Branch’s helmet to the outside of the right guard) means Pierre Thomas is diving through the A-gap. Alonso side-swipes the lead block, rather easily, and hits the ball carrier like a ton of bricks.

The Cowboys will be the fourth top-10 passing offense the Vikings have faced this season in terms of passer rating. The other three — the Lions, Panthers and Packers — all managed to have great days through the air when they faced Minnesota. Matthew Stafford, Cam Newton and Aaron Rodgers completed a combined 74 percent of their passes at 9.02 yards per attempt with seven touchdowns and one interception. In the process, the Vikings allowed individual players to have big games. Jordy Nelson had Baseball Jerseys Cheap seven catches for 123 yards and two touchdowns, Brandon LaFell had four receptions for Authentic NFL Cheap Jerseys 107 yards and one touchdown, and Reggie Bush had four receptions for 101 yards and one touchdown.

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